Creepy Village

Here's an art test I did for a possible contract job with a company. I didn't get it so I thought I might as wel show it.


Fairy again

Heres what I ende up submitting to the contest. I didn't quite finish cause I ran out of time.


Forest Fairy

Hey guys.

Here's another WIP of a piece im doing for another competition. I pretty much have the composition set so I thought it was worth posting.


Look...a squirrel

I've had complaints that I should do more human figures in my art as oppose to backgrounds. We'll here is my first shot at drawing a chick in a while. Its only finished line art for now. I plan to paint it some time in the near future.


More Jedi temple

Hey guys here's the final version of the temple I am entering in the competition. Hopefully I get voted for and people like it. :)


Jedi temple

Hey guys,
I'm starting to get the chance to paint more often.
Here's a rough for a Jedi Temple I'm painting for a competition. It supposed to be based on a snow planet in case your confused about the white fluffy stuff. Any critiques and comments would be appreciated.


Doodle that got out of hand

I started this as a doodle in class but kept going with it. The I got side tracked with other work and didn't finish it. I'll probably go back and complete it later. But for now this is it.



Its been a while, so I thought I'd update my blog and show you guys how my art is going.